#1 Best Exercise To Fix Hunchback Posture

#1 Best Exercise To Fix Hunchback Posture

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Hi! If you are watching for the first time,
I’m Marc Perry the creator of BuiltLean.com

which is your simple, efficient and science-based
guide to fitness.

A few years ago I put up a video on YouTube about
5 exercises to help improve hunchback posture

and it now has over 500,000 views.

There’s one exercise that I wish I included
that I’ve since learned, and I think

it’s the most effective exercise of all.

Before I tell you this exercise,

I’m gonna give you a quick overview of what
hunchback posture is:

Hunchback posture is when the upper back
rounds excessively,

which creates very high tension in the muscles
in your upper back, kinda like when you pull

a rubber band apart.

This high tension forces

not to be able to contract properly and also

creates a lot of tightness in what’s supposed
to be a mobile area in the body.

Here are the muscles just to give you
a quick visual

the top muscle is the trapezius. This can
get very tight and overstretched.

We take that away, and you’re left with
the lat muscle and the rhomboids.

If you take those away and keep on going down,
and you’ll see al these muscles alongside your spine

which are collectively referred to as your
erector spinae or spinae muscles.

If you peel them all the way you’ll see
all these little muscles alongside

your vertebral column. So as you can see
there are a lot of muscles

they’re all along the upper back that
can get super tight

and you can feel very stiff.

And do you think a foam roller or upper
back foam roller is really gonna help

you relieve the tension in the muscles?
I don’t think so.

However there is a tool, that I have right here
which is called a rad-roller

that I think can really help relieve the tension
in your upper back

and help improve your hunchback posture

and I’m going to show you how to use it,

and how I use it with my friends and
family and clients

a rad roller is like two rubber balls
stuck together,

and there are three different intensities,

a green, the green’s soft
and a blue, kinda medium hard,

and then you got the black which is stiff.
How it works, is I wanna start out

lying on the ground with your knees up

and I want you to put the rad roller in
the middle of your back so that it’s

straddling your spine.

You’re gonna lie back comfortably,
so your head is neutral and lying on the ground

you’re going to slowly move up one or two inches

and then you’re going to relax and hold that spot
for about 5-10 seconds.

You’re gonna continue doing this all the way up
until you’re at the top of your shoulder blades.

To make this more intense,
and as you progress,

when you are holding it on that spot,

for 5 to 10 seconds, you can lift your arms
up over your head

and then back down again.

You can even start doing snow angels
just with your arms,

to make it even more intense and to really
take into the muscle more effectively.

You can also drop down your knees
as well.

Finally, the most advanced way to do this
and what I’d recommend you work up to,

is to cross your arms over your chest,
almost like you are hiding yourself,

lift up your hips,

and then start rolling all across your
thoracic spine which is that

upper back area we’re trying to loosen up.

And get more mobile. And there’re a few more
tips I wanna mention as you’re doing this.

The first, is to breath deeply through your belly.

If you don’t breath deeply it’s not gonna
help relieve the tension in your back so

breathing, again, through the belly,
into your belly is extremely important.

The second tip is to keep your ribcage down when
you are flexing your arms over your head.

And this is important because you are not

using your lower back, and flaring your ribs
for keeping your lower back in place

and trying to get the mobility and that
flexibility from your upper back.

Third, is to keep your head neutral,

you wanna try to avoid bending your head back
when you’re on the ground,

you wanna try to keep it it neutral
in line with your spine

and also it makes it feel a bit more intense.


is that, this may be very intense and pretty
painful first time you do it

and my brother joked that is should
be renamed

the torture roller instead of the rad roller,
and it’s the first time he tried it,

it can be very intense but the cool thing is
the more you do it, the easier it’s gonna be,

you might notice some pretty dramatic improvements
within only a week.

The fifth tip is you try to wear tight fitting
clothing, or tucking your shirt

because if you don’t, the clothing is gonna bunch
up as you roll up and down your back….


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