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Different Treatments to Help Men Boost Their Health
HGH, which stands for Human Growth Hormone, is primarily produced by a human’s pituitary gland located at the brain’s base. These growth hormones boost the muscle, bone and cartilage growth. Growth hormone levels within the blood may fluctuate all through the day. They can also be adjusted because of sleep, diet, stress and exercise.
As you grow old, your body produces lower levels of HGH and testosterone. This will normally lead to the increased wrinkles, body fat and other old age signs. As you enter the age of 30, you tend to experience the increased reduction of those essential hormones. In addition, as your body continues its deterioration, you might also experience some psychological issues including depression, drive loss and anxiety.
Once it is rightfully administered, replacement of testosterone, DHEA, estrogen, human growth hormone and many other important hormones are proven clinically to provide the following benefits:
• Decrease excessive fat from the body
• Increase mass of lean muscle
• Strengthen your immune system
• Enhance kidney function
• Lower blood pressure
• Improve memory
• Increase density to the bone
• Increase drastically levels of energy
• Improve sexual drive
• Decrease stress
• Enhance skin elasticity
The therapy of hormone replacement is not only for old people. Human growth hormone has also been recommended for adolescents who suffer from the condition known as Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency. This is also true for people of any age wishing to feel and look younger. An inclusive medical evaluation is the only thing that can identify if you can take advantage of this kind of treatment or not.
There are already a number of clinical studies conducted which can prove the efficiency of HGH to people. The use of the treatment has provided positive results to the involved people, who experienced increased mass to their lean muscle, reduction of adipose fat tissues and improved height of the vertebral bone. It also helps other people when it comes to improving their sexual function.
Sermorelin Peptide
With the increasing demand to HGH, there is a discovered alternative to it, which is known as Sermorelin Peptide. Sometimes termed as GRF 1-29, Sermorelin is a growth hormone that releases hormone analogue. This form of peptide has been demonstrated to improve strength, improve mass of lean muscle, decrease body fat, improve immune system function, and improve bone density. Other noted benefits include strengthening and rejuvenation of joints, body mass and connective tissue, improving heart and the function of other body organs.
Bio-Fit Growth Factor
Made of Deer Velvet Antler, Growth Factor has already been utilized for more than thousands of years during the ancient medicine of the east. Just like HGH and Sermorelin Peptide, Growth factor is also recognized to provide a number of health benefits. Its additional benefit that is not mentioned from the previous two includes the promotion of faster injury or exertion recovery. It also improves mental alertness and function of the immune system.
Another therapy men may want to engage in aside from taking the above supplements is testosterone therapy. This therapy along with the help of those earlier mentioned can help men feel healthier, sexier and even stronger than ever.
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