DIY Best Anti-Aging Facial Oil Recipe

DIY Best Anti-Aging Facial Oil Recipe

DIY Best Anti-Aging Facial Oil Recipe

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Learn the best anti-aging facial oil recipe. Anti-aging oils are very good for the skin. Best essential oils for aging include sandalwood, ambrette seed, and rose. Best seed oils for aging skin include pomegranate, rosehip seed, sea buckthorn. Essential oils and seed oils hydrate the skin and bring back skin luster.

In my cleanse programs I make all of my products by hand for my clients and this is my favorite anti-aging facial oil recipe.

1 pound organic red rose petals, stems and bulbs sifted
1/2 pound organic calendula flowers

grind both to a fine powder and put in a quart glass jar, fill with olive oil and sit by a window to infuse for 4-6 weeks.

strain your oil and add:

jojoba oil, amaranth seed oil, CO2 expressed calendula oil, white rose essential oil and ambrette seed essential oil.

Serum usually steals the spotlight in the anti-aging skincare scene, but your facial oil can be just as packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and other ingredients that ward off fine lines and wrinkles and delay other signs of aging. Good news for anyone who prefers using an oil as their daily and nightly moisturizer over something with a cream or lotion consistency.

Facial oils may be the missing link in your anti-aging skin regimen. The facts are pretty straightforward—as you age, your skin produces less oil, and some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients like retinols and acids sap skin’s moisture. For many women, that means dry skin, which exaggerates the look of wrinkles. Applying a facial oil between cleansing and night cream adds an extra layer of hydration, reducing dryness—and fine lines. And if you choose the right oil, it will also minimize future damage with ingredients like free radical-fighting antioxidants.


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