Facial Yoga Exercises Nasolabial Folds : Smooth Out Smile : Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 285

Facial Yoga Exercises Nasolabial Folds : Smooth Out Smile : Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 285

Facial Yoga Exercises Nasolabial Folds : Smooth Out Smile & Laugh Lines – VitaLife Show Episode 285

In today’s episode Dr. Janine Bowring, ND shares with us facial yoga exercises for nasolabial Folds, and how to smooth out smile or laugh lines naturally.

As we age gravity begins to pull down and our laugh lines become more pronounced.
Some suggestions to take into consideration on how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth would be the following:
Avoid smoking; smoking draws those muscles in a consistent direction towards your mouth.
Avoid sun exposure directly on your face; make sure to use a hat and SPF.
Avoid sleeping on your side, which ever side you tend to sleep on most, you will notice those lines on that particular side are more dominant. Try to prop your head up as you sleep.

How to smooth out smile and laugh lines is a question Dr. Bowring gets asked often, follow along as she demonstrates facial yoga exercises for nasolabial folds.

Facial yoga moves:

1) To strengthen the muscle and maintain muscle structure, push down on the Nasolabial folds and smile! 20 repetitions of contracting and relaxing as you gently hold down.
2) The puffer fish: puff up your cheeks, and puff from side to side. You should feel a tingling sensation, which indicates circulation to that area.
3) Entire facial exercise, gently hold back your skin gently and blow out.

Some foods to incorporate into your diet to help maintain the moisture in your skin would be EFA, Essential Fatty Acids that can be found in nuts and seeds, avocados which contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E is protective, soothing, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for the skin. As well as Omega 3 Fatty acid supplements such as the VitaFish Oil. VitaTree has supplements to support beauty such as the VitaTree Hair, Skin and Nails formula. Make sure to check them out on our VitaTree website.

Make sure to maintain that proper muscle function and muscle conductivity in the facial structure. Even though a smile wrinkles eyes, and a smile wrinkles around the mouth we here at VitaTree want you to keep healthy, be happy and keep on smiling because we always have just the trick for those beautiful laugh lines. Dr. Janine Bowring, ND has many tips that incorporate yoga facial exercises for laugh lines removal, stay tuned for more great videos and keep smiling!

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