How To Do FRUIT FACIAL AT HOME Step By Step For Dry Skin

How To Do FRUIT FACIAL AT HOME Step By Step For Dry Skin

DRY SKIN won’t be a problem anymore as THIS AMAZING VIDEO is a perfect TUTORIAL for the Best HOME-MADE FRUIT FACIAL FOR DRY SKIN. @
Try these ingredients today. A lot of people like taking the fruit facials as this is natural, nourishing and easy to do. Most fruits are rich sources of Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help rejuvenate the dry skin naturally. Most of the fruit packs are made by blending soft fruit pulps together to create a thick puree and is then applied on the face.

* Fruit Facial Ingredients: –

We are using readymade banana gel, almond scrub and strawberry face pack for this facial. Banana is rich in Vitamin C and B6 which is very important to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and hence protects the skin from oxygen free radicals. A natural moisturizer, it hydrates the skin well. Almonds are known to resist acne and provide radiating skin. Raisins contain a high level of Resveratrol that slows down the skin aging process. Strawberry extract is known for its cleansing and toning properties. It helps in reducing pigmentation and also under eye puffiness. A combination of these can give beautiful and glowing skin.

* Following are the steps to do fruit facial at home step by step:-

1. To start with, clean the face with baby oil using a piece of cloth. This would help remove all the external impurities.

2. Next, apply the Banana cleansing gel and cleanse the face well.

3. Prepare a scrub using almond powder, walnut powder and Saffron. Apply a finger full of almond scrub on the face and rub gently to exfoliate dead skin. Wipe off with a cotton cloth.

4. Using an almond cream, massage the facial skin for 5-10 minutes.

5. Again cleanse the skin using a Banana cleanser.

6. In the end apply a strawberry face pack on the face and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.

7. Wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth and spray a bit of rose water to the skin.

The skin on our face is much more sensitive than the skin on the remaining body and hence one needs to take extra care of the facial skin. Following a regular routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a great practise but at times it just isn’t enough. Our facial skin is exposed to the atmospheric air 24 x 7 unlike our hands and legs and hence the chances of the skin deteriorating are much more. The various particles in the air such as pollutants, pollen grains and dust clog the skin pores and lead to formation of acne. Our skin needs to absorb a certain amount of Vitamin E from sun rays in order to stay nourished but over exposure to sun’s UV rays leads to premature skin aging, pigmentation, sunburns, wrinkles, freckles and in extreme cases, even skin cancer.

Facial is a procedure to revitalize and maintain the smooth, soft, glowing skin you possess. The procedure has various steps which involve the following: cleansing, scrub, massage, steam and face pack. These steps are followed in a particular order to yield maximum and optimum results. Generally the skin is first cleansed using a cleanser or lotion to remove the excess oil and impurities from the skin and prepare it for the next step of the procedure. Post this a scrub is gently massaged on the face. The scrub has solid particles or coarse granules which gently remove the tan and dead skin from the face, exposing the soft supple layer for nourishment. The skin is then exposed to steam in a moderate amount to open up the skin pores. It is important to open the skin pores before proceeding as it is only through these pores that skin can absorb the nourishment being provided. A nourishment cream containing various beneficial extracts is used to massage the face for at least 20 minutes to make sure that the skin is given enough time to absorb the nutrients. But just like it is important to open up the pores of the skin for nourishment, it is equally important to close these pores at the end of the procedure, hence a cooling face pack is applied to the skin which not only closes the pores but also gives a cooling effect to sensitive skin.

Doing a facial at least once a month revitalizes the skin, betters the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and removes impurities and dead skin, giving you soft, smooth, supple and glowing skin.

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