Joanna's Easy Better Waistline Workout

Joanna's Easy Better Waistline Workout

This workout is all about your waistline helping you to enjoy a more toned, nipped in waist and flatter abdominal area in under 18 minutes. It targets all your abdominals in one hit as well as improving back care, anti aging your posture and combats a thickening waistline.

I’ve combined standing and floor exercises so you’ll get the added benefit of feeling your body get warmer as you expend energy and burn more calories with out any strain on your neck, which can so often be a problem with traditional sit up exercises.

Join me and as with all my workout videos I’ll guide you with different options to really focus on creating length and space through your body, helping you connect positively with your body to feel tautness, and length through the mid riff area.

In this video I teach you my highly effective Abdominal J, which flattens, firms and trims the waistline while in a standing position. If you are new to this please watch my Abdominal J Tutorial in the WalkActive Video Tips Section of my You Tube Channel Joanna Hall WalkActive. My Ab J is subtle but trust me get the technique right it’s highly effective.

So I hope you’ll join me Lovely People – remember coming back and repeating this workout will improve your results and the benefits you enjoy. You will LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER.

It can be performed everyday, or alternate with my other workouts here on my channel. Please do like and share with others who you may feel will benefit. Love to hear your comments so please sign in and leave me a comment below and subscribe to be kept informed of my latest videos designed by me for you.

Thank you lovely people and I hope you enjoy!

Joanna x


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