Mini Trampoline REBOUNDER Cardio, Strength Training & Fitness Routine | Promote Lymphatic Detox

Mini Trampoline REBOUNDER Cardio, Strength Training & Fitness Routine | Promote Lymphatic Detox

The best MINI Trampoline Workout Cardio Routine for Beginners to Promote Lymphatic Drainage and Get Fit.

Rebounding for Weight Loss and Lymphatic Drainage is the BIGGEST benefit of this routine.

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Dry Skin Brush before trampoline:
thoracic duct (below left clavicle)
axillary nodes (under arms)
inguinal nodes (groin)
belly button

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Today’s Rebounder Workout:
1 Jumps
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Big Jumps
4. Arm Pushes
5. Bounce while holding weight
6. Arm Pulls with weight (20 sets)
7. Bicep curls
8. Scissor legs
9. Normal Bounce
10. Big Jump – 2 little jumps
11. Jumping Jacks

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