My Top Antioxidant Skincare Picks

My Top Antioxidant Skincare Picks

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In today’s video we’ll be talking about the amazing anti-aging ingredients – Antioxidants. We’ll cover what antioxidants are, why they are so great for anti-aging and how to incorporate them into your daily routine. I’ll be showing you my top antioxidant product picks for body and face, plus a supplement to take internally.

This video also explains the scary harmful effects of free radicals and goes into tons of ingredient knowledge.


The Body Lotion Multi-Vitamin
The Body Wash Multi-Vitamin

Luzern Labs
Serum Absolute V15

BioPharma Scientific
Nano Greens
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Bai Antioxidant Water


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0:44 Free Radicals
1:50 What Causes Oxidative stress
3:17 Antioxidants!
3:45 Necessaire Body Lotion
7:08 Luzern Labs Serum Absolute V15
10:33 BioPharma Nano Greens
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I misspoke in the video. FSC on packaging refers to Forest Stewardship Council not Forest Society Coalition. I don’t know how I got that in my head! They ensure forests around the world are responsibly managed. Very cool.

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