She Is 51 Years Old But Looks 20 Her Youth Secret Is This One Natural ingredient

She Is 51 Years Old But Looks 20 Her Youth Secret Is This One Natural ingredient

Here, we’re going to present you a recipe of a 51 years old woman who looks like she’s 20. She doesn’t have any wrinkles. This recipe can be used by men and women. The woman is called Yamada Keiko. She hasn’t done any plastic surgery and instead, decided to rely on natural anti-ageing therapyandbeauty-care.

Yamada Keiko was born on 17 January 1966. She is a Japanese model, host, artist and entrepreneur.She won first prize during the 2012 Tokyo Second Phase Beauty Contest and was also selected for having “The Most Beautiful Natural Skin Make-up”. Yamada Keiko encourages many women by showing them that age is not a barrier to beauty.

She claims that her ageless beauty is due to her daily skin care routine and healthy diet.

Yamada Keiko avoids eating food like.

Ajinomoto, bubble gum, pickles, 3 in 1 coffee, pop-corn, instant noodles, sugar, fried stuff etc.

Every day, she eats various vegetables every day in order to become healthier.

Yamada Keiko tries to drink water as much as possible no matter if it’s summer or winter. She uses toners and emulsions alternately along with gentle massaging in order to make her skin supple.

She also claims that a good mood accompanied with a happy smile are the secret weapons of looking young.

Here’s a recipe of a natural mask that many women use in order to look younger.

You need.

3 tablespoons of rice.
1 tablespoon of honey.
1 tablespoon of milk.


First, cook the rice for several minutes. Strain it and keep the water in which the rice has boiled………………………………..

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