Shurink Skin Laser Treatment & Lip Fillers Experience in Korea | Seoul Guide Medical

Shurink Skin Laser Treatment & Lip Fillers Experience in Korea | Seoul Guide Medical

In today’s video, we are taking you with us as Chen continues on her journey to flawless Kpop skin! We went to Genie N in Gangnam, South Korea to try out the Shurink Laser Lifting Treatment as well as receiving lip injections to strive for that perfect pout. The Shurink Laser uses ultrasonic waves to help tighten, lift the skin, and encourages collagen renewal . This makes it a great anti-aging procedure to help maintain a more youthful appearance. Think of it almost as a non-surgical face lift. It is applicable for all skin types, takes 10-20 minutes, and there is no downtime afterwards! For the lip fillers, Chen was seeking less of a Kardashian pout and more of something leaning toward natural volume. If you have ever been curious on what the steps were with these types of procedures as well as what the end results look like then make sure you watch the whole video.

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