What are the acupressure points for glowing & youthful skin?-Dr. Gurudatta H K

What are the acupressure points for glowing & youthful skin?-Dr. Gurudatta H K

We all want a good healthy glowing skin. It is also important to understand that it is not very easy to get that skin. Most importantly our lifestyle, how we eat, how we sleep, how we manage our stress all these factors determine this. So first make sure that internal health of your body is optimum. Manage your stress well. Have healthy living habits in terms of sleep, food and exercise. Have sufficient intake of water on a day to day basis and avoid all kind of junk foods, excessive alcohol intake, smoking. The acupressure points for healthy and glowful skin are as follows. The first one is at the centre of your eyebrows above your nose and keep pressing it for about 30 seconds twice a day. The second one is just at the depression at the side of our eyebrows. It is called as the temples of our head. Just focus on that, medium pressure in the clockwise direction, you can just rotate it. These three points will help you to relax and reduce the stress. It is one of the important factor to maintain the healthy skin. The third point is basically when you close the index finger and the thumb and you get this prominence and the highest point in there. Fourth point is the end of the elbow crease. Just press it and rotate it in the clockwise direction for about 30 seconds. These two points come in the large intestine channel meant for detoxification. The fifth point is you measure four fingers from the inner bony prominence from the inner side of your legs and just locate this point behind your bone and press it for 30 seconds. The last point is between first and second toes measure about 2 and a half fingers from the web of the first couple of toes and then press it and rotate it in the clockwise direction. All these points will help us to detox, de-stress and lead to a healthy skin. At the same time we should understand that these points will help us to keep a balanced health within our systems.


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