Why Nuts are top anti aging foods?

Why Nuts are top anti aging foods?

Skin health is very important part of human health protection, because skin is the cover part of human body. So skin care is must needed for your happiness. First of all you have to manage skin friendly nutrition from your daily diet. You have to need a proper diet for good looking skin not cosmetics or good makeup. You have to need a proper health of your skin and for this you have to need a proper diet plan for your good looking skin.
Nuts are good for healthy skin. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, riboflavin and fiber. Nuts also contain a lot of anti-oxidant and essential fatty acid, which improve your skin health. The all kind of nuts is good for healthy skin. They are the great source of vitamin E and essential anti-oxidant. Almond called secret food of anti-aging. Almond and walnut are the great source of fatty acid and other skin healthy nutrition. So nuts would be your better diet for skin health and beauty.
Almonds: Almonds are loaded with skin healthy nutrition. Vitamin E an important anti-oxidant can protect your skin cell from free radical damage. Copper in almonds plays significant role in anti-aging.
Vitamin E also improves your skin cell structure, retain your skin glow and prevent aging.
Containing vitamin B and essential fatty acid, almonds keep your skin soft, supple and younger. Deficiency of vitamin B your skin becomes dry.
Almond contains important moisturizing fat, which maintain moisture balance of your skin.
Walnuts: Walnut contains omega 3 fatty acid, which is very essential for skin health. This fatty acid retains your skin moisture and protects dry skin. Walnut also contains vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is stress and mood manager. Stress increase your age related sign like wrinkles, so lower stress result in better skin.
This omega3 fatty acid work as anti-inflammatory agent and reduce skin inflammation. It also prevents ultraviolet sun shine and help to prevent aging. Walnuts are not only good for your skin health, but also very good for your healthy hair.

So you can follow this diet plan for your better skin health.
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